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Step 1: Gather Supplies - poster board, a permanent marker, and painters tape... you should grab your bike at this point as well.
Step 2: Remove water bottle cages and any other accessories from the frame and place your rig on a bike stand or in a steady position. 
Step 3: Attach the poster board to  your frame with your painters tape, making sure to keep the poster board nice and taught... wrinkle free that is.  Make sure to have the poster board secure enough to handle pressure from your marker, etc.   
Step 4: Consult our example tracing and get ready to  trace the frame - Make sure to account for marker width when tracing the interior of your frame.  The quality/accuracy of your tracing will translate to the fit of your bag.

Mark The Following:
- Cable Stops - front derailleur seat tube stops, and if exposed on the top tube or down tube
-Water Bottle Cage Mounts - underneath down tube only (if your using them.. otherwise they might get covered by a strap)
-Derailleur Mount
-Tube Bracing - Usually extending from seat tube to top tube (mark the interior void of the brace as well as the actual tube as noted in the example tracing)
-Top Tube Bag strap placement - Any top tube bag you will be using should be marked... if you are purchasing a Oveja Negra™ top tube bag, make a note and we will insure that the top tube bag straps will not interfere with your custom bag straps
- Frame Make, Model, Year, Size - We will often cross-reference frame tracings to manufacturers details if there is any concern of improper fit
- Your Name, Email, Phone#, Address

Read This:
Generally speaking the marks made on your tracing denote where we need to avoid placing a strap, so if there is anywhere else on your frame you would like to avoid a strap please make a note.  With open frame, straight tubing( usually steel or Ti hardtails) designs such as the Salsa Fargo we have as an example above we do not need you to mark both sides of the tubing.  We ask that frames with full suspension designs be marked on both sides of the tubing as well as any other hydro formed frames that taper or increase/decrease in tubing diameter.  All full suspension designs need to have shocks/interior mechanics traced out.
Example of a Mediocre Tracing - Most tracings are not perfect... you should try, however, to achieve perfection.. good luck.. point being the tracing only needs to be 'moderately good' so don't fret if your not the OCD type or do not have a background in autoCAD.  (Note: angle of picture makes down tube tracing/line look further away from tubing than actually is, keep those lines tight to the tubing!)

Final Step: Download and fill out the Order Form below and send the tracing our way.  Our address is 120 W. 1st st. Salida, CO 81201.  Phone# (719)293-1407.  We will contact you when we receive your tracing to discuss current colors/options/etc.  If this all sounds like too much you can always stop by our shop in downtown Salida and we'll trace the frame for you and show you all the fabrics we have on hand..  It'll be worth the trip.  Thanks!
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As per customer requests to see more pictures of our gear we have added a FLICKR account!!! So.. now you can check out our gear in high resolution, look for specs of dust, etc. We will be posting more custom work than anything to the account but will also add all of our stock gear as we finish with photography. The account is slim right now, but keep checking back for new gear pics:
You can link via our websites social icons as well.
In production now is the little brother to our Snack Pack Top Tube Bag.  Designed without a taper, these bags sit very well between your seatpost and top tube, and are perfect for a tube and multi-tool.  Dimensions: 5" long by 4" high.  Lined, padded, and kept rigid by HDPE inserts.  Constructed from X-pac vx42 and 725 denier cordura, lined with a water resistant Dimension Polyant 70 denier ripstop.  Available on the site soon, call to order today.  The perfect addition to a full bikepacking setup.
Just wanted to say thanks to all who stopped by our tent to check out our bikepacking gear during the Pro Cycling Challenge.  Our small town is graced with many cycling events during the summer, but the Pro Cycling Challenge was a first.  Lots of support cars, pro cyclists, motorcycles, more support cars, and a few more motorcycles cruised down Harrison Ave.(Leadville, CO) in route to Beaver Creek, CO last week.  The race was exciting, albeit brief, as was trying to fully surround road racing; the strategy of the peloton, yellow jerseys, etc. I've been neglecting my pizza cutters for too long, time to dust off the road bike... 
One of Oveja Negra's lovely sales personalities, Ms. Lane Condell
The peloton rolls through Leadville, CO


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