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In production now is the little brother to our Snack Pack Top Tube Bag.  Designed without a taper, these bags sit very well between your seatpost and top tube, and are perfect for a tube and multi-tool.  Dimensions: 5" long by 4" high.  Lined, padded, and kept rigid by HDPE inserts.  Constructed from X-pac vx42 and 725 denier cordura, lined with a water resistant Dimension Polyant 70 denier ripstop.  Available on the site soon, call to order today.  The perfect addition to a full bikepacking setup.


09/27/2013 06:06

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08/24/2014 09:45

I was glad to get a 32 of 36, since I read entirely non-fiction and an accompanying article implied this may make a person less sensitive/insightful about others than reading literary fiction.

08/26/2014 21:55

There are so many muscles that show emotions in the face that to clue on the eyes only and their framing by placement, eyelids and brow is less than any cliff-notes of a literary novel.

08/28/2014 00:08

I was in a movie theatre multiplex's birthday party room recently. All of the photos on the wall - sepia-toned images of birthday parties from what looked like the 50s and 60s - were of white children.

08/28/2014 02:57

It's still mysterious to me how you know what you know, what your brain is registering, and why it's so different from reasoning.

09/17/2014 15:43

I scored okay but it seems to me you can't separate these visual clues--some of which were indeed blurry or shadowed--from the way a person stands, the pitch of the voice, the bodily movements

09/25/2014 18:39

Or was it the designer of the study who preferred to play at interpreting the signals of young, attractive women?

10/07/2014 17:31

Of course, you have more cues in real life etc. So what? It's still a very interesting test, and it's very good for me to focus my attention on the subject for a moment.

10/11/2014 02:37

Some of these I had to think about because often two emotions can coexist, such as hostile and anxious or nervous and anxious, Be interesting to take the results and see which tests cause the most number of errors when people were reading two emotions at the same time.

11/15/2014 16:10

Oh my. All those girls were actually pining for me after all!

03/03/2014 23:22

one sentence literally tips you into the next. Hemingway’s not just leaving stuff out, he’s doing everything he can to push you through. Repetitions function as the slight recoil before the next round is launched.

03/28/2014 20:38

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who may or may not be recalling facts or embellishing the story.

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